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*Inställd* RE:VENTURE: 10 Start-Ups presenterar affärsidéer

ArenaStart Operations AB Frigga (Kajskjul) Lördag, 12:00–12:40
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It is with great regret that the ArenaStart board announces the cancellation of Pitch event Re:Venue at Frihamnsdagarna due to being unable to secure the quality of the event. We are deeply sorry for not being able to go through with this much-anticipated event and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The ArenaStart team has been working hard over many months in order to bring this exciting opportunity for startups, but unfortunately, we were ultimately unable to guarantee a high-quality experience which meets our standards. Despite this setback, we remain committed and passionate about helping startups become investment ready and will continue searching tirelessly until they do so successfully.
We have taken away valuable lessons from our efforts thus far that will only help us as we strive towards achieving our goals in future endeavors.

Finally, on behalf of everyone involved at ArenaStart board ,we would like thank all those who showed support by registering or expressing interest in attending Pitch Event Re:Venue at Frihamnsdagarna . Your enthusiasm was greatly appreciated despite these unfortunate circumstances; please stay tuned as there may be more opportunities down the line!