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The Impact of EU’s Fit for 55 on the Maritime Sector

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Jan Torsdag, 09:40–10:40
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Maritime shipping is the backbone of international trade and carries over 80% of the volume of trade in goods. It also accounts for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Legal structures to incentivize the transition to sustainable shipping are coming into place. The EU is well underway to adopt the Fit for 55 package, containing proposals that set intra-EU shipping on the pathway to complete decarbonization by 2050.

What does the Fit for 55 package entail for actors in the maritime transport industry that operate in the EU? Does it create sufficient incentives to initiate the development of new fuels and technologies before 2030?

During this Sustainable Maritime Transport Forum, we will look at these questions together with experts in the field.



Sotiris Raptis (Keynote speaker) Secretary General at ECSA European Community Shipowners' Associations
Ellen J. Eftestøl Adjunct Professor, University of Gothenburg, Department of Law
Jonatan Höglund Deputy CEO Furetank
Åsa Burman (Moderator) Director of Lighthouse − Swedish Maritime Competence Centre
Fredrik Larsson Senior Policy Advisor Climate & Environment, Swedish Shipowners' Association Foto: Svensk Sjöfart